Research and Development (R&D)

    Undertake the research and development of the provincial technological special project of 126kV vacuum circuit breaker, 126kV vacuum circuit breakers ans switch has been basically competed.Through these major projects, we have overcome a number of key technologies, laying the foundation for the development of high-voltage level high-pressure vacuum switches.We have developed a 72.5kV vacuum interrupters and switches, which belongs to the new generation of green vacuum circuit breaker, to achieve a localization, sales of more than 100, has been running in the northeast power grid hanging. Ziguang participated in the national JB/T8738-2008“High voltage AC vacuum interrupter switchgear”revised industry standards.
    Ziguang will be market-oriented,in-depth study of the long gap higher voltage vacuum arc extinguishing principles and methods, research and development of advanced high-voltage swithgear products and technologies to the domestic first-class level, and promote the development of types.
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