Advocate Learning
  Advocating learning and seeking innovation are not only the behavior rule of each employee in Ziguang but also the enterprise philosophy jointly believed in.The flexible and inter-cooperative organization structure of Ziguang encourages and advocates employees to learn and play their potentials in their posts, jointly meet challenges,and develop in career life.The company has set up series of high quality training systems and HO regular training programs to accumulate energy for mutual improvement and help each employee face competitions with more challenging strength.
Emphasize on Competition
   An enterprise will not be competitive without its employees’ progress.To help its employees maximally play out their advantages and potentials, the enterprise has established a series of good and orderly competition mechanism to seek joint development and progress with the scientific stimulus policies.We have been proud of having the most pioneering and competitive team all the team.
Attach Importance to performance
   We always believe that the purpose of R&D is not only to take and improve achievement, but also to have more market shares and customers with achievements achieved. On the basis, out design achievements have been quickly transformed to products which are promoted rapidly.We have realized our original objective of meeting market demand with science and technology and the perfect link between the market and technology.
Hand in Hand
   Only sincere cooperation can ensure the keep going.In Ziguang, we have been dedicated to be the most excellent team to bring quality life space with more superior thinking.Open kind environment to make progress with peers and customers together.

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