The circuitbreaker is a kind of outdoor distribution equipment integrates switch technology, advanced network technology and microcomputer processing technology into itself. It is combined by three-phase integrated and embedded poles, current transformer, spring operation device and enclosure. The product is highly intellectualized and has the functions such as protection, monitoring and controlling. Besides, a variety of communication protocols is presented for selection. Its modularized design and easy operations for upgrade and maintenance make the convenience for clients.It is widely used in transformer substations, industrial and mining enterprises, rural power distribution automation grids and occasions where frequent operations are needed. One-sided or double-sided disconnector can be selected, and there is a three-phase linkage in it. An obvious insulation distance can be seen on the disconnector when it is open. Moreover, there is an existence of linkage which is used to avoid misoperations between disconnector and circuit-breaker. The safety for using and the convenience of maintenance will be guaranteed.

Overall dimensions

Technical parameters

NO. Item Unit Value 
1 Rated voltage kV 12 24
2 Rated current A 630 1250
3 Rated frequency Hz 50 50
4 1 min power frequency withstand voltage(wet)(dry)phase to phase, to ground/fracture kV 34/42/48 50/65
5 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) phase to phase, to ground/fracture kV 75/85 125
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 20 25
7 Rated short-circuit breaking times Times 30
8 Rated peak withstand current kA 50
9 Rated short-time withstand current/ duration kA/S 20/4 25/4
10 Rated short-circuit making current (peak) kA 50 63
11 Resistance of main circuit μΩ ≤80(without isolation)
12 Mechanical life Times 10000

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