ZGSV-12 Series

ZGSV-12 series of solid insulation ring network cabinet is my company independent research and development and production of solid insulated switchgear, used in 6-24kV distribution network. The device with new environmentally friendly solid material as the insulating medium, vacuum interrupter. Internal use by the vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum load switch, vacuum load switch and fuse combination of independent research and development, and with three-position switch integrated isolated ground. Widely used in radial, trunk type and ring network switching station, terminal distribution stations and other distribution equipment. Ideal choice as the city business district, residential quarters and other users.

Overall dimensions

Technical parameters

Item Unit Value
Load switch circuit breaker Combination switchboard
Rated voltage kV 12
Rated frequence Hz 50
Main busbar rated current A 630
Rated current of the functional units 630 125
rated insulation level power frequency withstand voltage phase to earth、phase to phase kV 42
phase to fracture 48
lightning impulse withstand voltage
( peak)
phase to earth、phase to phase 75
phase to fracture  85
Rated short-time withstand current Main circuit/Earthing switch kA 20 /
Ground Loop 17.3 /
Rated short circuit duration Main circuit/Earthing switch s 4 /
Ground Loop 2 /
Rated peak withstand current circuit/Earthing switch kA 50 /
  Ground Loop kA 43.4 /
Rated active load breaking current A 630 / /
Rated closed-loop breaking current A 630 / /
Rated short circuitbreaking current kA / 20 31.5
Rated short-circuit making current(peak)(Main circuit/Earthing switch) kA 50 80
Grounding switch closing times Times 2
Rated transfer current A / / 1600

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