Common Problems

  • Closing fault of the vacuum circuit breaker
    There four reasons for the circuit breaker to refuse closing:
    a.line fault
    c.operation and making power supply failure or secondary circuit fault
    d.mechanical failure of the driving and operating mechanism

    We have to distinguish the scope of the fault in order to deal with this problem,the steps are as follows:
    a.check the line fault,if there is something wrong with the line,we have to isolate the fault area and then break the circuit breaker. ascertain whether it's the misoperation or nor we have to check the closing insurance,control switch and changeover switch.
    c.check the making power supply voltage,closing insurance,control switch and auxiliary contact and the circuit.
    d.check the operating mechanism,the auxiliary contact and the institutional adjustment.

  • Faulty operation of the circuit breaker
    The reasons of the faulty tripping operation:misoperation,automatic release,electrical secondary circuit.
    1.Check it is the misoperation or not.There are two situations:negligence of operation,incorrect operation of relay protection.
    2.Check the operating mechanism,such as the tripping release mechanism,or the trip automatically because of the external vibration.
    3.Check the electrical secondary circuit.
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