• User boundaries vacuum load switch

    The user boundaries vacuum load switch FZW28-12(FFK) has the function of making and breaking normal load current,it is mainly used for segmentation and fault isolation.With the respect to the circuit breaker,vacuum load switch has the lower requirements to the dynamic thermal stability of arc-extinguish device,and the structure is more simple.With the operation function of manual and electric,it adopts vacuum for arc extinction,N2 for external insulation.It has the features of waterproof,corrosion resistance,anti-pollution,etc.
    FZW28-12(FFK) has the function of fault detection,protect control and communication.It can be used in 10kV overhead line.

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker

    The high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the new generation VCB.It can be installed on distribution lines breaking short circuit current.It's used for overhead distribution lines interval switching,control and protection,as well as for monitoring the load current and zero sequence current.
    The high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is mainly made up of body,operating structure and accessories,the operating structure is generally the manual and electric spring mechanism.
    This VCB has simple structure,high current breaking ability,safe operation and no risk of explosion.It's widely used in electrical power,metallurgy,machinery,chemical and other industries.


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